Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Night Photography

So late last night, Marcee and I had the urge to take some night shots. We previously did night photography in spring quarter. It was soooo much fun, and Marcee knew of this really cool antebellum house out in Bostwick. So we drove out to the middle of nowwhere at like 10:30pm and took some really cool shots. We're hoping that it might work for our fill flash. So I'm hoping to put some on flickr as soon as I can edit them!!

Photojournalism Contest

So the National Press Photographers Association is doing a clip contest. Check it out, the categories are Sports, News, Single Feature and Multiple Picture Story. It sounds like fun, the only downfall is you have a be a member and it's an awarded points program. So if you get the most points, you get photographer of the year. That would be an honor!


So it's feature time, and Ms. Finch picked my feature yesterday. I'm not particular to it, but I plan on doing it as one of my re-dos for her.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I'm a romantic at heart and wanted to share this gallery from Rome with you. Check it out at National Geographic.

Cool Space Shot

October 28, 2009--A cone of moisture surrounds part of NASA's Ares I-X rocket during its suborbital flight over Florida's Kennedy Space Center. Shortly after launch the rocket was traveling at more than four times the speed of sound.

The six-minute, U.S. $450-million test flight was designed to help NASA refine its plans for Ares I, the next-generation rocket that -- combined with the Orion crew capsule -- is slated to replace the aging space shuttle as the country's primary means of ferrying humans and cargo into space.

Artist Feature: David Ward

Do you like landscapes? Maybe cool waterfalls? Check out David Ward. He's a British Photographer who specializes in landscape photography and has some breathtaking photos.

Artist Feature: Lucian Read

Lucian Read is an amazing photojournalist who has been documenting the war in Iraq. He has some really powerful images and some great video montages that he's put together. Check him out.